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Liberty International Underwriters has a client-centred approach: we work collaboratively in integrated teams of underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals to tailor insurance solutions for our clients and to handle claims without fuss when they arise.

We focus on commercial lines of insurance and reinsurance. Our insurance products are sold through independent insurance brokers, so you can be sure you are getting the right cover for your needs.

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Our product range

In Australia, Liberty provides a range of corporate Accident & Health insurance products and services designed to inform, assist and protect people and their companies at home in Australia and abroad.

These benefits are made available through our Corporate Travel and Group Personal Accident and Sickness products to a wide range of industries and entities, including companies, schools, universities, clubs and membership organisations. We are also able to provide full medical benefits for Australian employees overseas on assignment (‘expat’ cover) or foreign workers of Australian companies who are based in Australia (‘inpat’ cover).

Our flexible approach allows us to provide streamlined, straight-forward insurance protection and tailored bespoke solutions as required. Our underwriting appetite and rates are consistent and we offer customers the simplicity and convenience of a ‘one-stop shop’ for assistance and claims.

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The aviation industry is diverse, fiercely competitive and highly regulated, and its insurance needs are unique.

Our long-established Global Aviation team, based in London, underwrites a comprehensive range of Aviation All Risks and Aviation War products. We have the technical ability and experience - as well as the financial backing - to offer worldwide coverage for a diverse range of risks from passenger and cargo planes through to non-airline risks, including commercial helicopters and business jets, and our on-the-ground local presence makes us flexible and responsive to clients’ needs.

Our highly experienced team prides itself on its superior customer service and its flexible approach: both contributing to the many long-term relationships that we maintain with our clients.

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We work hard to understand each client’s business from the inside out and we tailor insurance solutions to meet each client's unique needs. Liberty offers a wide range of casualty products and today we work with a broad range of Australian and Asian organisations.

Our experienced staff have broad regional authority and access to significant global capacity. As a result, we can cover a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, transport, wholesale/retail, financial services and more. We have considerable experience in high-hazard risks associated with US exports, chemical/petrochemical plant and offshore oil and gas. 

Working together as an integrated team, our underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals achieve better pricing, management and coverage of risks, and we are proud of the quality service we deliver to brokers and clients.

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Liberty has the business appetite, capacity and in-depth understanding required to provide effective insurance cover for technically complex construction risks. We have insured many major infrastructure and construction projects across Asia Pacific. At the other end of the scale, we also provide comprehensive cover – especially multi-product solutions – to smaller and less complex projects.

We have an in-depth understanding of the financial implications of project delays. Our covers are designed to help protect the financial viability of the project (from the owner’s perspective), and to help ensure successful financing of private/public sector projects (from the lender’s perspective). 

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Our integrated crisis management team of underwriters, claims specialists and crisis consultants are experienced in a range of Crisis risks including contaminated products, product recall and kidnap, ransom and extortion.

We provide comprehensive Crisis Management wordings which can be further tailored with additional covers to protect clients from real-world exposures. If a client has a unique need, we are always willing to take the time to tailor a cover to suit.

In the event of an incident, our clients have access to a panel of specialist crisis consultants who can provide advice and guidance on the appropriate crisis response. Being insured through Liberty gives clients and brokers access to our experience, knowledge and world-class service.

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The oil, gas, chemical/petrochemical and power generation industries pose complex risks requiring sophisticated insurance cover. Liberty has the knowledge, business appetite and significant capacity to meet our clients’ needs.

Liberty covers Industrial Special Risks, such as fires, explosions, natural perils, machinery breakdown and business interruption. Our risk engineers’ advice is key to tailoring the best-fit insurance cover on which we pride ourselves.

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Liberty's Environmental Impairment Liability insurance covers four potential losses arising from a pollution incident:

  • Clean up costs - this can be the main expense and is the cost of removing contaminants and pollutants. It can also include the clean-up of a third-party site, including a waterway or crown land.
  • Costs of mitigation and emergency response.
  • Public relations and crisis containment expenses.
  • Costs incurred through Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) orders, including costs that the EPA incurs itself.

The financial and business interruption implications following an environmental incident can be significant, especially when the event generates substantial publicity. Tough legislation, media attention and keen community awareness, along with the possibility of delayed, 'long-tail' claims, make businesses of all kinds increasingly vulnerable either as the cause of the pollution or as the victim of natural disaster.

With Liberty, the policy is only part of the deal. Our underwriters and risk managers are well versed in dealing with the technical issues of complex risks and work side-by-side with brokers and clients to identify potential risks and suggest appropriate products. Our claims team works closely with clients to achieve a fair, timely and effective resolution of claims.

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    The fine balance of global demand and supply in the oil and gas industry has grave implications for the impact of accidents and other causes of delays and shutdowns. Without adequate insurance, companies are vulnerable to potentially crippling costs.

    Liberty fronts a highly technical global team that is skilled in handling even the most intricate risks. Our underwriters work hand-in-glove with our heavy-weight engineers to prepare sophisticated insurance solutions that reflect the complexity of Exploration & Production (E&P) risks - and give clients simple peace of mind.

    Stand-alone upstream E&P liability cover in the Asia Pacific region is handled by specialist staff in Liberty Adelaide; all our other E&P insurance is coordinated through Liberty Singapore.

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    Businesses face many and varied risks, especially when venturing into emerging markets. Where these risks arise from government intervention, contract frustration, political violence or credit default, the Liberty Global Financial Risks team has both the experience and capacity to help.

    The team comprises experienced underwriters and analysts based in London, Paris, Singapore and Sydney each of whom bring their specialist skills, experience and understanding of both global credit and political risks to bear on crafting insurance solutions for our clients. Liberty underwriters have a flexible, hands-on approach; they work closely with our specialist claims team to deliver a market-leading service.

    We are proud to offer our clients tailor-made insurance solutions, and our global scale and reach is reflected in our client base, which includes government agencies, international banks, multinationals, global commodity companies, and a range of exporters and contractors.

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    Liberty underwriters understand the diverse insurance needs involved in infrastructure and construction – the construction itself, the people, the transport of critical cargo, delay in start-up, and the environment – and our cross-lines approach coupled with our industry knowledge satisfies those needs. Our risk engineers have the industry experience to help clients control the risks, and our claims professionals have years of experience with complex, multi-party claims.

    Our broad business appetite is backed by strong capacity, and we have substantial experience insuring infrastructure and construction across a spectrum of high-end project types: 

    • Roads, tunnels, rail and bridges
    • Power stations and utilities
    • Desalination plant, waste and water treatment
    • Cement plant
    • Pulp and paper mills
    • On- and offshore pipelines
    • Oil, gas, petrochemical/chemical plant, refineries
    • Airports and ports
    • Hotels and casinos
    • Hospitals and prisons
    • Metal and mineral processing plant, mine infrastructure
    • Bulk storage terminals
    • Telecommunications
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Government (all levels) construction and infrastructure.

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    Today’s marine risks are complex and challenging, and the Liberty Marine team has the skills to proactively determine these risks and assure clients of appropriate insurance coverage for various Marine liabilities, general cargo, project cargo and ship builder's risk.

    Our underwriters boast longstanding marine connections, which gives them the confidence to underwrite hard-to-place risks, as well as standard exposures; our risk engineers’ technical excellence is highly regarded in Asia Pacific; and the claims team includes staff with marine surveyor qualifications.

    Relationships matter to Liberty Marine: our claims people meet clients upfront, with the underwriters, not just after a claim, meaning that trust and peace of mind are part of the deal from the outset.

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    Liberty Professional & Financial Risks offers tailored insurance solutions in Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Liability, Cyber Insurance, Financial Institutions and Information Technology (IT) risk arenas.

    Our integrated team of underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals focus on providing that rare commodity - a customised service - through developing long-term relationships with brokers and clients.

    Liberty Professional & Financial Risks is committed to adding value through knowledge sharing with clients and brokers: our technical publications, training workshops and conference participation all contribute to the dialogue.

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    A significant fire or incident at your property can have a devastating impact on business. Liberty offers protection against the financial costs of repair, machinery breakdown and loss of revenue caused by business interruption.

    Clients in a range of industries benefit from our unique approach, where underwriters, risk engineers and claims professionals work as a cohesive team to enhance our service.

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    Liberty offers a range of surety bonds and guarantees – an alternative to bank guarantees – to companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

    Across the Liberty Mutual Group we write almost US$1 billion in surety premiums annually, providing access to unparalleled global surety market experience and significant capacity.

    Service is essential to building lasting long-term relationships. We prioritise timely bond issuance above everything else, so you can focus on running your business.

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    Political instability is an unfortunate reality around the world and terrorist attacks are on the increase. Liberty is a market leader in writing a worldwide book of war and terrorism insurance cover for a range of terrorism risks across a spectrum of industries.

    Our specialist underwriters work closely with brokers and clients to assess their particular risk and to put in place the appropriate level of protection for their operations.

    Liberty’s War and Terrorism division operates from London, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil and New York, and services the global network of Liberty offices.

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    If you're looking for insurance solutions for transactional risks, then the Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (Liberty GTS) team have an earned reputation for executing the largest and most complex deals in the region. Liberty GTS offers a range of solutions for transactional risks, including Warranty & Indemnity, Tax Indemnity & Tax Credit, Contingent Risk and After the Event Insurance. 

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